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  • Special Abilities,Special SANY——A speech contest was held in HSPC

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  • By Zhang Miaochen

    A speech contest was held in HSPC training building C101,August 4th,2020.

    This speech contest is around the topic of “Five Special Abilities”, which is the core ideas of the lecture that professor Li Junnian had given on May 29th.

    Li Junnian was born in Changsha, Febuary 1941.Engaged in education for 56 years, he is now a vice president and Secretary General of Changsha Non-government Education Association.In the lecture, he introduced about his experience on education,and mentioned the “Five Special Abilities”, which is special ability to endure hardship, to be tough ,to fight, to devote and to create .

    All staff listened to the lecture and wrote experience after the lecture. In order to deepen educate of the “Five Special Abilities”, 37 teachers from different apartments in HSPC joined the preliminary speech contest on July 1st,and today,15 teachers came to the final and gave out excellent speeches. Interesting and touching stories happened in their daily work illustrated how they carry out “Five Special Abilities”.Tanli Lanjun from General Education Center won the champion at last.


    “HSPC is a college which runs regularly now, what we should think about is how we can run better in this era. This speech contest is not only a contest, it’s an opportunity to do self-examination. ”Headmaster Zhang Hui said.

    The spirit of “Five Special Abilities” is like a beam of sunshine which illuminate our future.Sany staff will keep fighting against all the difficulties, combine industries and education together, and contribute for society.