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  • Foreign student Joined Work-study Program in HSPC

  • 日期:2020-07-28 11:41:55 点击量:
  • By Zhang Miaochen

    July 10th,2020,was the first day for Modu,who comes from Senegal,to join work-study program in HSPC.

    Modu has been here for a year."Modu is a very hard working student,he learnt Chinese in a efficient way and can speak Chinese well."Teachers from International Exchange Center said.

    At the beginning of the hard time in 2020,some students chose to stay in China ,stay in the college.Modu is one of them.During the 6 monthes in China,teachers arranged online classes for foreign students,including oral Chinese,reading,writing and listening to help them fight for HSK test.

    As the world outbreak becomes more serious as time goes,world econimy is breaking down.Under this situation,our college arranged foreign student to join work-study program,as for Modu,he is helping to do cleaning,and he can have free meals in the canteen.

    Not only foreign student,some Chinese students also stayed and joined the helping job in different positions in summer vocation.Now 18 days has past,they work together,laugh together,and learn from each other.

    No matter how hard the time is ,SANY will always be there.Let's hold our hands together to conquer all the difficulties.