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  • Go hand in hand——Contract of Cooperative Education between Malaysia City University and HSPC have been finished signing

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  • By Zhang Miaochen

    Malaysia City University and HSPC have finished signing Contract of Cooperative Education in July ,2020.


    Established in 1984, City University Malaysia was formerly known as the Petaling Jaya Community College. With the mission of providing high quality industry and market driven educational courses and programmes with the aim of producing knowedge-based, socially responsible leaders and managers,our cooreration is totally based on consistency of ideas.


    In the principles of mutual trust, mutual understanding, equality and mutual benefit, we agree to cooperate in order to improve the level of two institutions in the general areas of education and teaching; scientific research and academic exchanges; program collaboration and other aspects. To conclude the mutually beneficial agreement of collaboration and friendship,we spare no efforts on Exchange between teaching staff;students and mutual recognition of credits transfer;share of academic information, academic plan, publications and other information;carry out joint research projects and establish academic research institute;initiate other collaboration and exchanges between two institutions.


    HSPC will take this opportunity to give impetus to the search for Cooperative Education,and reach a higher level of development.