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  • Fighting to the end!——Foreign students of HSPC are Preparing for HSK4

  • 日期:2020-07-13 09:16:36 点击量:
  • By Zhang Miaochen

    "我来两年了(I've been studying here for 2 years.)"Some foreign students in HSPC said.

    2020 is a special year.Disasters everywhere.Australian wildfires, Spanish blizzards,Volcanic eruption in the Philippines, locust plague in East Africa, new pneumonia corona-virus...Technics are improving,but when all the disasters come at a short time,we just realized we normal people are not so powerful.

    When the virus is spreading,the best thing we can do is to hold our steps and stay at home.Most foreign students chose to go back to their family at the beginning of the spreading.But still,part of them chose to stay.They stayed in the college for nearly 6 monthes,while kept learning Chinese online.

    Now,it's near the end of the semester.HSK is around the corner.Foreign students have one month left to prepare the test of different levels,some for HSK4 and some for HSK2.Teachers use their free time to train the new students ,who had just come for less than a year,for free.Stickers with Chinese words written on are sticking on the wall,voice messages in Chinese shows their effort of using Chinese.What's more,they are learning how to type in Chinese.

    We hope they will pass HSK tests successfully,so that they can start their major learning as soon as possible.