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  • Cultural Inheritance,My Responsibility——2020 Dragon Boat Festival

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  • By Zhang Miaochen      

    The Dragon Boat Festival is one of three major Chinese holidays, along with the Spring and Moon Festivals.It's celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month.Legend has it that the originated long long ago,over two thousand years. For thousands of years, various celebrating activities are held all around the country. Eating zongzi and racing dragon boats are the most pertinent ones, which are said to be in memory of Qu Yuan, a great poet. In some places, people spread realgar wine on the children in the hope of protecting them from the evil spirits. Many people consider May as an especially dangerous time for diseases in a year, and therefore they hang moxa and calamus and things like that around the doors to ward off evil and diseases and pray for good luck.

    2020 is called a year of disasters.Especially for college students,they stayed at home for more than 4 monthes,and once they come back to school,they'd better not to go out before summer holiday.In order to enrich their life in campus,teachers and students held a series of activities to celebrate dragon boat festival

    Teachers of General Education Center of HSPC were wearing the traditional clothes of Han dynasty,saying "Peace and Healthy",and handed out sachets to all the teachers in the morning of June 23rd.

    After that ,traditional clothes went into classrooms,showing both Chinese students and foreign students the attractive traditional Chinese culture.Students took out cellphones to take pictures after class,tried to record down the beautiful moments.

    The purpose of this activity is to let students feel about the atmosphere of traditional culture in college.Youth should take responsibilities to let more people know about Chinese history and Chinese festivals.From afternoon till night,students from different associations and apartments set up stages to show what they good at.Like Touhu,singing Chinese cultural songs ,calligraphy practising,Guessing games,selling traditional jewelry.They even prepared dragon dance through out the whole activity.

    This activity attracted hundreds of students and teachers to join.Strong cultural atmosphere was built all through the whole school.We believe through activities like these,students and teachers will be more clear about what kind of responsibility we should take,and how we should do in the future.