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  • Students' Flea Market-- A Good Way to Dispose of idle goods

  • 日期:2020-06-19 16:48:56 点击量:
  • By Zhang Miaochen

    Flea market is usually taking place outside, where old or used goods are sold cheaply.It appears everywhere around the world,no matter the country is poor or rich.There are even many songs singing about flea market.It’s deep in the hearts of people.

           June 15th to 16th,many tables appeared on the road in dormitory area of HSPC. Soon, students become sellers and customers ,a flea market is organized in a short time. Dolls ,Sany models,earphones,books and so on.The most attractive goods are Sany models.Teachers and foreign students were also attracted.

            This flea market kept only two days,stay tuned for another bigger event next week.