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  • English Debates show International Perspective

  • 日期:2020-06-09 11:23:24 点击量:
  • By Zhang Miaochen

    Project teaching is a popular program in HSPC.These days,students from international classes gave us several English debates to show their English ability and ways of thinking.

    As the internet technology develops fast around the world,especially in China,people used to bue things online while they can get what they want in a very short time,the delivery speed is ahead of the world.June 3rd ,Students from Pumping International class and on 4th,Honghai International Class had a debate of whether it's good or not to shop online .Students of affirmative said,"I prefer online shopping because it can help me save a lot of time and money. I'm sure that online shopping will bring more and more benefits to our daily life.",they even say in a humorous way,"Should I fly to Japan if I want kobe beef?"Negative side also have strong points," The authenticity of online shopping items is risky, and the size is different, which may not be suitable for you. After-sales service is also inconvenient and not so good".

    Not only improved English,students also learnt how to fight as a team,and be more brave when communicate.Surely they will be more positive with the exprience of the debates after they start to work .We hope more and more students can join activities like that,not only international students,but also all the students of HSPC.