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  • Happy Children's Day——Foreign Students show Cultural Diversities in Games of Different Countries

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  • By Zhang Miaochen

    June 1st is the International Children's Day.The International Children's Day had its origin in Turkey in 1920 (April 23, 1920) and later in the World Conference in Geneva, Switzerland,which 54 representatives from different countries gathered together to the first "World Conference for the Wellbeing of Children" in 1925.The International Exchange and Cooperation Center of China National Children's Center has launched the Cloud blessing and Cloud Concert to celebrate June 1 International Children's day in 2020. Many representatives of embassies and domestic and international organizations in China extend their sincere wishes via the Internet to children all over the world. Overseas Chinese children from different countries express their sincere friendship and hope for the future with elegant and energetic music performances.(消息来源:澎湃新闻,2020-6-2)

    Children's Day was thought for those under 14 years old.Nowadays,Children's Day is no longer for the children only,many adults like to celebrate the festival to recall their memories about their childhood,and be relax from intense work.Foreign students from different countries in HSPC had a special Chinese class on Children's Day,they played several Chinese games, like Throw a handkerchief (丢手绢,Duck duck goose in English countries),paper scissors rock(剪刀石头布).Later,they shared different games from different countries,Chinese teacher gave Chinese names to the games,and they also practised Chinese through the game.Games can make people happy,to share games based on different elements is a kind of cultural identity.They enjoyed their time and also learnt a lot Chinese sentences while play the games.At last ,they learnt Happy Children's Day in Chinese,and recieved blessings from Chinese teacher as the foreign students are like children to the teachers.

    We hope more and more foreign students can come to China,come to HSPC.Here they can feel like home in China, to set their feet on China and get immerged into the life.