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  • Love Yourself,Be a Better Self

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  • May25" has the similar sounds of "I love myself"(吾爱吾)in Chinese, and it‘s also the last day of the Self-discipline Program in HSPC. Started fromMay14th ,the whole program lasts 11 days, and will go on in the future.

        During the 11days, whoever joined the program should hand in their plans about self-discipline before May18" and obey what they have plannedfor7 days from May 18th to May 21st 。More than 160 students entered the program before deadline, most of them chose sports, reading, learning English and practice handwriting for at least 30 minutes every day.

        Teachers are focusing on encouraging and guiding. They give likes and comments to the moments, they talk to students when they met problems, and they share some articles about self-discipline to the students.

        " My parents support me so much in the program, they even do with me together." Several students from International classes said. Self-discipline is the best way to love oneself, we hope students can learn a lot through the program. and keep going on the plan after the program.