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  • First online self-discipline program

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  • This year,may is a month of love.May 10th is Mother's Day,May 12th is the memorial day of Wenchuan Earthquake and World Nurses Day.May 20th in China is the day to show love,because it has the similar sounds of I love you (我爱你)in Chinese.Now,May 25th is around the corner,it pronounced like I love myself(我爱我) in Chinese.So,this week,students in HSPC start a self-discipline program,to train themselves to be more self controlled,which is the best way to love themselves.

    In this program,students enter their names voluntarily.They submit their plans for the 7 days,with subjects like running,reading,language learning and so on.Each subject has to last for at least 30 min.This program lasts 7 days,May 18th is the first day.During the three days before the program started,more than 160 students entered for the new challenge.

    On May 18th night,teacher from general education center,who organized this program,held a meeting with the students to emphasize rules and solve the problems students had met in the first day.

    This program is warmly welcomed by the students,they posted their pictures in wechat moments to show their effort,and let others oversight them.We hope we can see some progress of the students after the 7 days.

    Lets go and see!