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  • Love Without Borders:Foreign students pray for the people died in the disasters

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  • 12 years ago,the 8-magnitude Wenchuan Earthquake, which occurred on May 12, 2008, has caused tremendous casualties, geological disasters and economic losses.10 cities were strongly destroyed by the disaster.

    12 years after the disaster,the COVID-19 is spreading around the world.China has paid a huge price to fight with the virus,and is giving a great support to other countries.Its a battle of the whole world.

    This year is the 12th anniversary of Wenchuan earthquake.Teachers in HSPC took this opportunity to introduce the earthquake to foreign students in the class.They watched a short video of the movie Frightening Moment,which is taken one year after the earthquake.They were shocked by the movie.


    May 12th is also the International Nurses Day.Medical workers were the most hard work and sacrificed a lot in all kinds of disasters.12 years ago,the saved a lot of people from the earthquake,12 years later,they saved more people in the outbreak of COVID-19.Foreign students used their ways to show their respect to the medical workers and prayed for the people died in the disaster.

    Ali and Simo from Yemen are both doctors.We also showed our respect to them.They are gratified with others praise.These borderless love gave us hope and faith.

    The world is a community with a shared future.We can overcome difficulties as long as we stick together.No one will forget the disasters ,and the most lovely people who devote themselves when fighting with the diasasters will be remembered forever.