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  • First Online live show of HSPC

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  • “Hello everyone, Do you know Monkey King’s story? Today Li Liangyu and I come to the most famous scenic spot near our home…”These are the words from Caojie and Liliangyu ,students from 1901 International Headquater Class students of HSPC.On April 30th.2020,an online live show was hold by teachers and students from international classes.In this show,students applied to take this opportunity to introduce their hometown and Chinese culture,which you can barely see in books ,but only in the real life.As from international classes,they were using English in the whole show.This innovative activity attracted foreign students to join,and also some senior school students and some senior executives from our cooprating organizations.This show was hosted by Zhang Miaochen,a teacher from International Center,and a student named Bin Saizhao from 1901 Pumping International Class.11 students were divided into 9 groups to give us online show.They are from 7 cities of Hunan Province,including Yueyang,Changde,Loudi,Miluo,Yiyang,Hengyang and Chenzhou.


    The first one to show is Jiao Caofeng from 1901 Pumping International Class.He showed us how to make Chinese tea,he even prepared some questions for the foreign students so that they could learn more about Chinese tea culture.In this show,families of the online show students were so supportive.They prepared snacks for them,help them to shoot,and be the partner when they on show.Chen Zhengyang from 1901 Honghai International Class gave us an interview,and an old couple were interviewed to say something about what the government did when it was outbreak of the virus in last several monthes.They gave high praise to the work of Chinese government.Chen Zhengyangs mother even asked for a leave from work to help him shooting.


    Except families,friends were also a great help. Every group has at least one friend to help.Tangsai and Deng Haobo from 1901 Pumping International class brought us to Shaoyang to see a special pavilion.They shoot and say in turn to show their English and knowledge about Chinese building.Li Haifeng and his friend went to Quzi Park to introduce history about Dragon boat festival and Quyuan.Jian Chenyi from 1901 Honghai International Class,invited a friend to show how to play on a 100 meters rainbow slope and to help him shoot when riding a tandem bike in the Fengling Huahai Park,where it was also the hometown of Jian Bozan,a great educator in Chinese history.Foreign students were surprised by the amazing experience.


    Most city living people prefer to go to rural places to enjoy the beautiful views ,fresh air and farm food.We learnt how to catch cray fish(小龙虾) with Liulei,a handsome boy from 1901 International Headquarter Class ,we meant to tell people in Wuhan that we are a big family,and we are always there to support.Then,we went fishing with Ouyang Zhihui (1801 International Services Class)together,he even interacted with foreign students.Chairman Xi said,green mountains are gold mountains.He said.What's more,the great views and experiences really attracted foreign students.Im jealous,I want to go there!But they cannot go out of the college under this circumstance.While they are expecting to go out freely,Chinese student are hoping to come back to college soon.Xu Yinjun from 1801 International Services Class brought us back to junior school using camera,and interviewed some young students in school,they did a very good job using English to Q&A.


    We spend only one week to prepare this show,not only students but also  teachers learnt a lot from this show.The on show students practised their oral English in real life,and other students practised listening.We all touched by their efforts,hope they can keep the interest of learning English,and make a difference in the future.

    When is the second online live show?Lets go and see!