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  • World Reading Day·Recommend a Book

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  • April 23rd is the World Reading Day.During the outbreak of the COVID-19,foreign students of HSPC obeyed rules and stayed in the college ,except having online classes and doing sports,reading is also a very important way for them to pass the time when they cannot go anywhere outside of the college.This week is the Reading week in HSPC,we took this opportunity to create a reading atmosphere.From Monday,foreign students were assigned to use Chinese to recommend a book to others.They start to plan for that immediately.What book should I recommend?How can I express better with Chinese?They were very active in this activity.

    With the help of teachers,they finished video taking the second day.While preparing for this,foreign students named Ali,who is just passed HSK3,borrowed the book Call the Midwife from teacher,and finished 2,000 words reading in 3 days,which is really impressing!

    While foreign students are working on this,students from International classes also prepared books to recommend,and they were using English.Teachers were always there to help in case students have any problems with English.

    We selected 10 videos from Chinese students and 6 from foreign students.These videos are spreading quickly among

    students and teachers.


      We hope we students and teachers can keep a good reading habit,read more ,gain more.Lets read everyday!