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  • 22-year-old bravely excellent graduate of HSPC working in Nigeria

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  •             Zhang Huiwen, an excellent graduate from Hunan Sany Polytechnic College (HSPC) , head to

          China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation(CCECC) Nigeria Ltd. in August,2019. In charge

          of equipment repairing, his average pay was around 12,000 Yuan during his internship, and now

          his salary level reaches as high as 15,000 Yuan


      I am just 22, the future is full of infinite possibilities.I should go out to see the world and temper myself! Zhang Huiwen said with a smile. He vaguely remember when admitted through the school recruit to CCECC, life opened him a door with more challenges. In fact, as the only child in his family, his parents was a little worry about his choice to go abroad  to an African country, but since the childhood, Zhang Huiwen has been very independent, has idea and personality, although not many willing, his parents decided to respect the idea of their son again .As our first choice to HSPC was absolutely right, now choose to go abroad will also be fine.Zhang Huiwen said confidently. He said: has formed the spirit of bear hardships and stand hard work at school, since I caught the good chance, I will carry forward our hard-working Hunan spirit to the world.

     Zhang Huiwen thought it is all because of fate to come to HSPC to study and spend  his most precious youth time. After the university entrance exam ,Zhang Huiwen confused all the time, until the day of application, when he went through a book and saw the HSPC coincidentally, he took out his phone, searched the college,and  saw the words:HSPC has a strong faculty, based on the Sany enterprise, back to sany heavy industry... It's just such an amazing coincidence! Zhang Huiwen immediately identified HSPC as his ideal school, and he did not hesitate to fill in his first choice in the aspiration form, and the major was also his favorite construction machinery.

    Optimistic and cheerful, serious and responsible, work actively, not afraid of hardship and tired, independent and stand on his own. This is how the classmates say in evaluating Zhang Huiwen university life.We heard college life is quite easy, but I found out it was not true after I came to HSPC. From Class Engineering 1701 to elite class, my schedule was full every day with all kinds of classes, and my ability of learning and practicing is greatly improved. Zhang huweni said that during the three years in the HSPC, I would like to thank two teachers, one is Mrs.Dai Xiaojia, who gave me great help in learning life, and the other is Mr.Li Dequan, he followed us to workshop every day in class, explain the boring theories to us, let us achieve the unity of knowledge and action. All of these brought a lot of help to me in my work.

        It doesnt mean that we dont need to continue learning after graduate,he will keep the teachings in mind, be open-minded in learning to make unceasing progress.