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  • International students of Hunan SANY Polytechnic College are enthusiastic to be volunteers to help the public welfare chorus summer camp

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  • July 7th,

    by Zhou Quan; Wei Yadong

    On the morning of July 7th, 2019. 17 international students from Hunan SANY Polytechnic College visited the SANY Magic Bean Warehouse Innovation Center in Changsha city. As the international volunteers to participate in the opening ceremony of "happy chorus 3+1" chorus summer camp,the annual summer camp is part of the public welfare project "happy chorus 3+1 -- chorus art promotion in rural primary and secondary schools". With the vision of "enabling every rural child to receive quality music education" and the mission of "brightening the heart of children with children's voices", this project promotes and focuses on the popularization and development of choral art and music education in rural primary and secondary schools in China.

    At the opening ceremony, the international students had friendly greeting with teachers and students from remote areas in Hunan and Hubei province. "Hello, do you have a Chinese name?""Can you speak Chinese?""Where are you from?”Seeing the international volunteers, the children asked them questions curiously."Hello, my name is Bila. I'm from Eritrea.""I'm from Cote d’ivoire. Nice to meet you." Hearing the international students speak Chinese, the children gathered around, "I like durian very much. What kind of fruit do you like?""Where is Africa?""Do you like stinky tofu?" The scene was full of joy and laughter with relaxed and happy atmosphere. The international students also elaborately prepared a dance performance of the African song "Fwoka Fwoka". This is an exotic and dynamic experience to the camp site.

    When they knew that they could participate in the public welfare activities in China during the summer vacation, Atiya and Aminul from Bangladesh blurted out without thinking. "I am willing to participate in social welfare activities, and we are willing to interact with children in China very much. We want to bring love to them, and for us, it will be an unforgettable experience in China, "Atiya said with her smile. "I think it's a very meaningful event and it's an honor to be part of it," said Fathulla, who is from Uzbekistan, and Ali, a friend of Fathulla who is from Yemen.

    As international volunteers, the international students will share foreign stories and growth stories to open a new window for children to see the world. Planning outward bound games for children. Participating in the chorus of Chinese songs. Visiting science and technology museum with children, inserting imagination wings and experiencing the charm of science and technology. Watching public welfare films to spread public welfare ideas. Visiting SANY group and feeling the heavy equipment of a strong country and advanced manufacturing. Teachers and students will gather in Changsha concert hall on July 13 for a public benefit concert to present the most beautiful harmony.

    It is reported that Beijing Deqing Public Welfare Foundation is a public welfare organization established in 2004 by Tang Xiuguo, President of SANY group, and his wife Li Kemei. Hunan SANY Polytechnic College has been the camp base of Deqing summer camp since 2012, has been served 1131 people (including 439 students, 516 teachers and 176 volunteers) continuous for seven years, and it is also a strong supporter and companions of Deqing Foundation.

    The extracurricular practice opportunities provided by the International Exchange Center of Hunan SANY Polytechnic College not only enrich the extracurricular life of international students, enhance their understanding about China, but also help them realize that love without borders and the warm-hearted dedication of volunteers. Adding a dazzling luster to their overseas study career.